Voting rights take flight across the state

August was a busy month for Civic Nebraska’s voting rights work in Greater Nebraska. Here’s a rundown of some of our recent activity outside of Lincoln and Omaha, where we are investing resources and capacity to ensure all Nebraskans are represented.

Brad Christian-Sallis

> On Aug. 10, our newly formed Adams County Voting Rights Chapter hosted a booth at Hastings’ annual Kool-Aid Days celebration. Nearly 200 people stopped by to visit about voting rights; 13 filled out voter registration forms. And, most importantly, Voting Rights Field Organizer Margaret Marsh taught kids how to make our bee mascot from pipe cleaners!

> On Aug. 21, Adams County Chapter Vice President Wendy Boudreau Mahone and Jane Marsh attended New Student Days at Central Community College in Hastings. There, 37 young people filled out voter registration forms. 

> At the Adams County chapter’s meeting on Aug. 28, participants completed the first unit in the “Power Participation” series. They broke into small groups to build a voting timeline that featured the struggles that different groups of Americans have faced and continue to face to exercise their right to vote.

> In the final week of August, we partnered with the League of Women Voters to staff a table at the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island. More than 420 people stopped by to visit about the importance of voting rights.

Thanks to everyone for your vigilance and your efforts across our state to fully activate our democracy! We are sincerely grateful for your time, attention, and your dedication to protecting and expanding the right to vote.

Thanks for all that you do,

Brad Christian-Sallis
Voting Rights Field Director