Top of the list, king of the hill, A-number one

Now this is the coolest thing we’ve seen all week. If you’ve been to any Civic Nebraska events in the past few months, you’re aware that we recently commissioned Nebraskans to create a series of posters (psst, each print is available for purchase at the Civic Nebraska Shop) on the theme of protecting the vote. They’ve been a hit with our friends and supporters.

Checking our social-media feeds on Wednesday, we got a very pleasant surprise: One of those designs — “Protect The Vote” by Drew Davies — is getting some considerable exposure. The work is displayed this week in Times Square. Yes, that Times Square.


Drew is founder and owner of Oxide Design Co., a branding and design firm in Omaha. The work (which, psst, is among several available for purchase in our shop), in partnership with Civic Nebraska, was displayed on Times Square’s Nasdaq video tower as part of AIGA’s Building Community Power project. AIGA, the professional association for design and a longtime advocate for civic engagement, voter education, registration, ballot access and civic participation, sponsored the project with support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Davies, the president emeritus of AIGA, also serves on Civic Nebraska’s board of advisors — a role for which we’re extremely grateful. And we guarantee you are most definitely familiar with Oxide’s influence on Civic Nebraska’s brand identity. Congratulations to Drew and the Oxide team!

(And, psst, in case you haven’t heard, we have a host of poster designs available for purchase at our shop.)