Four ways Nebraska can improve its early voting system

Westin Miller

Thanks to our election officials, poll workers, and voting rights advocates, Nebraska conducted another election with record-setting participation.

All Nebraskans should be proud that we continue to raise our standards for conducting safe, accessible elections.

This year’s record-setting turnout in our primary and general elections is due in large part to the significant increase in early voting by mail. Nebraskans made informed decisions, returned their ballots when and how it was convenient, and most importantly, voted safely.

This sudden increase in the number of Nebraskans requesting a mail ballot also showed some clear areas for potential improvement. As director of public policy for Civic Nebraska, I am constantly asking one question: Is our election system working as well as it could? While we have much to be proud of, here are four ways Nebraska can make our early voting/vote-by-mail system even better.

Read Director of Public Policy Westin Miller’s guest column in the Nov. 19, 2020, edition of the Omaha World-Herald.