Defend democracy – observe the 2024 elections with Civic Nebraska

Civic Nebraska is seeking volunteers to serve as Election Protectors – nonpartisan election observers – to monitor the May 14 primary election in Nebraska.
Election Protectors act in a passive role, monitoring elections and the polling places and reporting their observations back to Civic Nebraska, particularly instances of concern.
As part of their observations, Election Protectors gather information and chronicle data regarding how elections are run from county to county in our state. They also record any irregularities or different treatment of voters. Volunteers will also confirm that polling places are compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act.
Election Protectors must be at least 18 and live in Nebraska and must attend one virtual or in-person training session before May 1. Fill out this form to volunteer.
Civic Nebraska has deployed nonpartisan observers to Nebraska polling places in every statewide primary and general election since 2012.
Civic Nebraska uses the information that is gathered to build a post-election report, which is shared with county election officials, state election officials, and the public to identify areas of success and improvement. This report also informs future legislative initiatives that can improve Nebraska voters’ experiences.