Round Two: Voter ID is back on the docket


The 2023 session of the Nebraska Legislature is scheduled to wrap up on Thursday. Before then, senators plan to pass LB514, which carries new provisions requiring photo ID in order to vote. We need your voice in the session’s waning days.
As we’ve said, we can’t support any measure that makes it harder for Nebraskans to cast their ballots. Nebraska’s elections are already secure, which makes voter ID a bad solution in search of a nonexistent problem. But this mandate must be fulfilled – and LB514 is the “least bad” option for all Nebraska voters.
Second-round consideration of LB514 is set for Tuesday, May 30, at the State CapitolIf you’re in the Lincoln area, join us in person Tuesday morning to see this through. It’s a safe bet that those who still adhere to The Big Lie will be there for one last push to break the bill. Let’s make sure LB514 moves through this round, and ultimately to Final Reading.
In the meantime, you can write state senators TODAY and tell them to protect ALL voters by keeping the bill from any amendment that would punish our state’s voters.
Thank you, sincerely, for all that you do. We’re grateful for your attention, time, and advocacy on this important matter. We hope you have a peaceful and reflective Memorial Day, and that we all show our gratitude for those Americans whose sacrifices have kept us free.

– Your friends and neighbors at Civic Nebraska