Happy New Year! Here’s what we’re up to in ’22

The year 2022 will be a big one at Civic Nebraska. In addition to launching new initiatives and programs, we’ll reaffirm our commitment to Nebraskans of all ages through our Voting Rights Initiatives, our Civic Health Programs, and our Youth Civic Leadership efforts.  

In 2022, we’ll stand up for voting rights by:

›› Working to pass election reforms at the statehouse, including the elimination of an arbitrary two-year waiting period for those who have served their debt to society.
›› Ensuring that Nebraska voters understand the costs, complications, and consequences of a new voter-restriction scheme that would require revising the Nebraska Constitution simply to add new barriers to the ballot.
›› Assisting even more Nebraska voters in registering to vote – and then educating them on how to follow through by casting their ballots – in 2022.
›› Training and deploying hundreds of nonpartisan Election Protectors for the May 2022 primary and November 2022 general elections, and reporting our findings to the public.

We’ll strengthen the state’s civic life by:

›› Continuing both virtual and in-person conversations and actions across the state based on the findings of the Nebraska Civic Health Index.
›› Hosting even more workshops, trainings, and gatherings for civic catalysts in the form of Community Builder Workshops, Civic Health Webinars, and Civic Saturdays. Join us Jan. 22 for our next Civic Saturday, and sign up to take the first-in-the-nation Unify Challenge in early March.
›› Reaffirming neighborhood priorities and engaging advocates and city leaders on housing policy reform – including an Equitable Development Scorecard for Lincoln, to be used in project planning and development.
›› Launching the Truth in Media Project, an initiative to inform, educate, and instill best practices regarding media consumption in the Information Age.

And we’ll build young civic leaders by:

Navigating our world is easier with the skills embedded in our outside-of-school programs.
›› Implementing mission-aligned programming, continuing to build on the foundation of Forming a More Perfect Union to erect a powerful framework for adding civics and citizenship to all of our programs.
›› Expanding service-learning programs in Greater Nebraska to help students learn to value their hometowns and invest in making them better places to live and work.
›› Continuing to create environments where children learn and families are confident that they are safe and healthy in efficient, sustainable out-of-school-time programs.

Get involved in your democracy.

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