We vote for THAT? Here’s how to decode your 2018 ballot

Like you, we believe that democracy is strongest when our society is engaged and informed. That’s never more true than when we make our way to the ballot box to choose the direction of our community, state, and nation.

A general election ballot can be overwhelming. Sure, you’ve been paying attention to the big races like those for governor, the U.S. Senate, even the more festive battles for the Nebraska Legislature. But as a general-election voter, you’ll undoubtedly encounter several races that will be a surprise to you on your ballot. You might think, Hmm, I didn’t know we voted for that.

That’s why before each general election Civic Nebraska offers Decoding the Ballot, an informational guide to the elected offices upon which Nebraskans regularly vote, as well as a breakdown of what those offices are actually responsible for. Ver en espanol

We’ve assembled this resource so you can pair it with your independent research on individual candidates for the various elected offices up for election in the fall. Decoding the Ballot doesn’t parse candidates’ talking points into sound bites for you to mull — during an election year, there will be no shortage of voters’ guides in local newspapers, official campaign materials and websites, or public forums to introduce you to those vying for your vote. Decoding the Ballot provides much-needed context for you about the duties and responsibilities of the offices that are entrusted to the will of the voters, so you can make informed decisions on who is best to fill each role.

Check out the 2018 edition of Decoding the Ballot here. Bookmark the link and check the guide often as campaigns and candidates begin to make their final pitches to the voters in the coming weeks and months.

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