Ask not what your CLC can do for you …

Who says that election season had to end on Nov. 8? Students in our Sherman Elementary School CLC after-school program are putting a cap on their semester by engaging in an important electoral process of their own.
In successive weeks, youngsters studied the three branches of government and their roles in our democratic republic. Then, they launched “campaigns” of their own for president and vice president of their Omaha after-school program – fifth-graders ran for president, while fourth-graders were VP candidates.
Students presented speeches, created campaign posters, gathered support among their peers, and came up with planks for their platform, including how they would implement their ideas into the after-school hours if elected.
The four-week program culminated this week with all CLC students casting their ballots – first, in a “primary election” on Monday, and then the “general election” on Friday. Each week, students reflected and reviewed roles and responsibilities of citizens as well as those we elect to represent us. Long after the ballots were counted, youth share an understanding of how elections work, the ins and outs of running for office, and envisioning the change they wish to be in their communities.
Well done, Sharks!